Wednesday, June 24, 2015


New Arkansas State flag

Governor Asa Hutchinson announced today that he has issued an executive order that calls for the immediate replacement of the Arkansas State flag.

Hutchinson stated the reason for the change is "people in other states might confuse our old flag with the confederate  flag and Arkansans traveling through other states might be subject to harassment and violence due to recent events".

Hutchinson pointed out that the old Arkansas flag was based on the confederate battle flag and even former governor Bill Clinton back in 1987 signed Act 116 that stated that the blue star above the word Arkansas is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.

Hutchinson said that "the time for Arkansans to move on is now" and that "we need to show that we are not always racist hillbillies". When asked about gay marriage, the state police rushed Hutchinson away.

Hutchinson did not provide details about how the new flag was designed, but did say that he looks nice when photographed in front of it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


LRPD Officer Sims is shown in one of the lawsuits exhibits.

A group of Little Rock Police Officers assigned to a special unit that poses as down-on-their-luck street corner solicitors to issue citations to violators for no seat belt and texting while driving, has filed a lawsuit against the city over funds they collected posing as beggars.  

The group of officers jokingly called the Hobo Squad, claim that the city demanded that they turn over the coins and currency tossed at them by charitable citizens to the city.  The officers claim that they are entitled to the funds as hazard duty pay because of the nature of their work. 

Cash collected by the cops while posing as hobos.

Mark Sims, one of the plaintiffs in the suit who uses the street name “Skid Mark”, claims that city officials “have no idea of the crap we go through standing out there holding a cardboard sign trying to keep drivers safe”.  Sims went on to say “people say all kinds of nasty things to us and toss stuff at us”. “It’s not a pleasant experience at all” added Sims.

We caught up with Little Rock mayor Mark Stodola at a recent event and when asked about the suit he stated , “these officers are trying to supplement their city salary in violation of our personnel polices”.  Stodola further stated, “you would think that the kind people that give them the remains of an egg McGuffin [sic] or sausage biscuit would be more than enough to compensate them for the alleged abuse they encounter”.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A spokesperson for the US Coast Guard says a natural gas pipeline exploded on the Arkansas River in Little Rock.

The spokesman says the inactive Texas Eastern pipeline exploded on the river near the Gribble St. Ramp and I-30 Bridge close to the Clinton Mobile Home thing Sunday.

There was one vessel on the water at the time was damaged and residual gas leaked into the water.
The US Coast Guard has shut down the river to water traffic between mile markers 116 and 118 because of possible hazard to navigation.
Crews are searching with sonar equipment for any remaining debris and signs of foul play.
About  4 million cubic feet of natural gas leaked into the river, causing a massive fish kill.
Residents are urged not to eat the fish floating in the river.